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Big business resources for small and mid-sized companies who want to grow faster with less risk.

Why Shore?

We’ve been named one of Inc. Magazine’s Top Founder Friendly Investors for four years running. We work exclusively with small to mid-size businesses. If you partner with Shore, you harness a network of 50+ companies and thousands of executives who have been where you are — and can help you get where you’re going.

Private equity in plain English

Private equity 101

You should have clear, straightforward information on private equity and how it can work for you.

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Meet the team supporting you

When you partner with Shore, you’re backed by a 360-degree team to support your people, processes, technology, and acquisition plan.

Meet your shore team
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A “buy and build” playbook for transformational growth

We don’t promise the outcome — we promise the process. And our process has generated top-1% results in private equity.

Build bigger: join a network of leaders

The day you join the Shore family, you have access to the learnings and network of 50+ companies and 35,000+ people.

Build stronger: take the 
guesswork out of growth

Harness the expertise we’ve built across nearly 1,000 deals. We have few problems of first impression and a foundational commitment to shared learnings.

Build faster: plan to accelerate success

Work with a team that places calculated bets earlier to accelerate growth.

We do our homework

We identify industry niches, build a network of exceptional board members, invest in companies poised for transformational growth, and partner to increase value every step of the way.


Platform investments


In assets under management

Top 1%

Of returns among PE firms

A process refined over nearly 1,000 partnerships

Disciplined investing

We focus on a specific set of industries, using proprietary scorecards to quantify opportunity and maintain discipline.

Our Investment Approach

A hand-picked board

Industry all-stars, selected to help your company grow faster with less risk.

How your board enables

Innovation and continuous improvement

Explore the combination of process, relationships, and results that sets us apart.

The shore difference

Powerful network effect

Networking and professional development opportunities SMBs won’t find with any other investor.

how we support your development

Ready to talk? 

A conversation could be the start of something great. 

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We’ve been recognized four consecutive times by Inc. Magazine as a Top Founder Friendly Investor and by PitchBook research as #1 in private equity deal volume globally from 2019-2022. How can we help you? 

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