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Nothing in this website is, or should be deemed to be, an “advertisement” or an offer of investment advisory services by or on behalf of Shore Capital Partners.  No content on this website constitutes investment advice, or the offer of any security.

Operating Partners. Operating Partners shown on this site include employees, members or partners of Shore Capital entities. Operating Partners are expected to receive compensation from Shore Capital portfolio companies, and such compensation generally will be borne directly or indirectly by a fund.

Third Party Awards and Designations. The awards and designations presented on this website are the opinion of the respective parties conferring the award or designation and not of Shore Capital.  Such persons are unaffiliated with Shore Capital, and the full extent of the scope of firms and data included in the related surveys or evaluations is unknown.

  • PitchBook’s award, “#1 Most Active Global PE Firm,” is based on volume of transactional activity in a given industry during a particular time period, and includes data relating to Shore Capital’s SVP Holdings and BrightView holdings platform.
  • Inc. Magazine awards a place on the list of the “Best Private Equity Firms for Entrepreneurs” based on a survey of firms that are identified by the magazine’s editors or that apply for the award. Firms under consideration are evaluated by the magazine using a proprietary system that takes into consideration both portfolio company data and interviews with current and former portfolio company personnel.
  • Returns in Top 1% is benchmark data provided by RCP Advisors, an institutional limited partner across many private equity funds. Their data is drawn from fundraising and diligence documents produced by general partners and public information. Their database contains over 3,400 managers and more than 8,300 funds.

There can be no assurance that other providers or surveys would reach the same conclusions as the foregoing.  No fees were paid in connection with any of the foregoing awards.

Testimonials. Certain statements about Shore Capital made by portfolio company executives and other persons herein are intended to illustrate Shore Capital’s business relationship with such persons, including with respect to Shore Capital’s facilities as a business partner, rather than Shore Capital’s capabilities or expertise with respect to investment advisory services.  Such persons were not compensated in connection with their participation, although they generally receive compensation and investment opportunities in connection with other roles (including roles at portfolio companies), and in certain cases are also owners of portfolio company securities and/or investors in Shore Capital-sponsored vehicles. Such compensation and investments subject participants to potential conflicts of interest in making the statements herein.

Investment Platforms. The information shown on this website, including transactional and statistical information, relates in whole or in part to the activities of SVP Holdings, LLC (“Southern Veterinary Partners” or “SVP Holdings”), a veterinary platform, and BrightView, an outpatient addiction medicine practice platform.  SVP Holdings and BrightView are platforms founded by Shore Capital relating to operating businesses that in each case were existing portfolio companies owned by Shore Capital Funds.  Although Shore Capital Provides business and operational consulting services to SVP Holdings and BrightView, neither SVP Holdings nor BrightView is a fund or advisory client of Shore Capital.  References to cumulative capital commitments on this site include commitments made to such platforms by practice owners and other co-investing parties outside of the Shore Capital Funds.  References to transactional activity herein include references to follow-on and acquisition activity conducted by SVP Holdings and BrightView.  Visitors should evaluate the information on this website in light of the foregoing.