Inside the Shore playbook

We don’t promise the outcome — we promise the process. Our playbook has been refined across hundreds of partnerships to help you grow bigger, stronger, and faster.
Long table of executives attend a meeting at Shore Capital Partners Office

Grow bigger: leverage a powerful network of leaders

Each founder and executive of a Shore company contributes their expertise to a network of 50+ companies and 35,000+ employees. If you need to solve a problem, find a vendor, or build a relationship, chances are someone in our network has been in your position and can help you out.    

Stronger together: take the 
guesswork out of growth

Achieve transformational growth with less risk. From your first day in a Shore partnership, you are connected to dozens of sister companies, hundreds of industry A-players, and what we've learned from nearly 1,000 partnerships.

An all-star board of directors

When we assemble a board, we construct a superteam. We find the leading players in their industry and bring their complementary skillsets to your business.

See how shore boards
are different

Fortune 500 operational resources

From white glove support out of the gates to strategic planning, talent acquisition, or highly experienced operators supporting all corporate functions — we have few problems of first impression and a deep bench to support you.

Meet our portfolio performance group

An investment in you

Learn by networking and sharing best practices with other founders and business leaders in targeted development programs from our Executive Leadership Academy to our professional cohorts or 6-month mini-MBA.

Learn how we support
your growth

From a founder

The Portfolio Performance Group is like having billion-dollar resources for million-dollar firms. It’s a unique tool in the Shore tool kit. These are high quality people with relevant experience.

Chad Smith

Founder, CEO, BrightView
Female Presenter at Shore Capital Partners Executive Leadership Academy Breakout Session in front of display board

Move faster: invest earlier to reach goals ahead of schedule

Every business has a “maybe in five years” idea: a manufacturing upgrade, a new business unit, or a bold expansion initiative. If we see opportunity, we won’t wait. We’ll make calculated bets earlier—and use our experience to reduce risk while you accelerate.

From a founder

The Shore secret: invest early and allow the company to slingshot.

Jay Price

Founder, CEO, Southern Veterinary Partners

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