CXO Executive Program: the next generation of industry all-stars

An early infusion of high IQ and hustle. CXO places highly motivated and hungry young executives into Chief of Staff positions, with mentorship and support to succeed, mature, and grow into C-level executives — Shore companies get access to some of the most motivated, in-demand talent recruited nationally into your market.

Thank you for taking a chance on me and trusting me with so much responsibility. It has been a life-changing opportunity to get into this type of business environment, and I am very grateful.

Current CXO Executive

Hear from current CXOs

Shore founder and Managing Partner Justin Ishbia talks to current CXOs about their experience in the program.

Hear from Shore CEOs

Justin talks with CEOs about the impact CXOs have had on their companies.

We are developing young executives to become leaders and eventually CEOs of our own portfolio companies.

Don Pierce

Partner, Shore Capital