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Our Operating Partners have achieved exceptional success in their businesses — and they’re hand-picked for the value they can bring to yours. Operating Partners apply their experience to support your operating and strategic needs, leveraging their experience, contacts, and ideas to help you grow.

When I partnered with Shore, the only thing expected of me was to be a good clinician and entrepreneur. When I become a board member, I needed to know a little more. A Lead Independent Director, a little more still. Yesterday, the group faced its first real potential crisis. I gave the same good advice I would have given as an entrepreneur 10 years ago. The 10-year difference is the Shore Network and learning a different level of efficiency. Instead of “you should find someone…” I was able to say, “Let me connect you with someone I know and trust.” Movement on a correction that would have taken weeks to months is taking hours to days. Thanks for that. I’m better able to help others because I’ve been helped by the best.

Chryssy Moor

Founder, Florida Autism Centers

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