Shore Resource TEam 

The Shore Resource Team (SRT) is a dedicated group of operating professionals within Shore Capital offering flexible support to portfolio companies and their management teams.

SRT Mission

Build and strengthen scalable, repeatable processes for growth at Shore Capital portfolio companies by:
  • Streamlining company on-boarding
  • Implementing and refining SCP Standard Operating Procedures
  • Supporting portfolio company management in implementing value creation initiatives

SRT Key Value Adds

Infrastructure Enhancement

The SRT is responsible for implementing the “Shore Playbook” of standardized processes and procedures to enhance portfolio company infrastructure for growth.

The Shore 100 Day Plan

The SRT develops a 100 Day Plan that is a mutually agreed upon list of post-close action items to allow new portfolio companies to hit the ground running towards a value creation plan.

On-Site Assistance

Once the partnership is finalized, 1-2 SRT members will be on-site at the company’s main office at least once a week for the entirety of the 100 Day Plan.

Continued Support

After the completion of the 100 Day Plan, the SRT is available to provide hands-on support on selected strategic projects for portfolio companies.

“The 100-day process was a well-organized, in-depth look into many of the key functions of the business. It was extremely helpful as many of the initiatives were focused in areas of the company that we did not have the time or internal resources to complete such a thorough review prior to the deal closing."

Chad Smith

BrightView CEO / Founder

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