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Microcap Moments

Captures the issues, challenges, successes, and lessons learned in the microcap space.

Episode 2: Scott Blackman - Southern Orthodontic Partners

February 22, 2023

Scott Blackman is a Founding Partner of Southern Orthodontic Partners. As Scott transformed his orthodontic practice using strategies from the hospitality sector, he saw a partnership with Shore as an opportunity to increase scale and impact the orthodontic industry. This is his story about choosing to sell his practice and the personal and professional growth that followed.

Southern Orthodontic Partners (Nashville, TN) is a network of orthodontic practices in the Southeast. Affiliated practices offer general orthodontic services including correction of crowding and overbite, spacing via braces and Invisalign, as well as teeth whitening solutions.

Episode 1: Scott Bullock - EyeSouth Partners

January 25, 2023

Scott Bullock started his career as a golf pro. He became the co-founder and president of EyeSouth Partners, an industry leader in ophthalmology. This wasn't an easy or obvious jump. So, we wanted to learn from Scott how it happened and some of the lessons learned along the way.

EyeSouth Partners is a premier network of integrated eye care practices located across the country. EyeSouth’s affiliate network consists of 35 practices with over 290 doctors providing medical and surgical eye care services at over 160 locations including 19 surgery centers throughout Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Illinois and North Carolina.

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