Operating Partners

Sean Griffin

Board Member, Moesle Meat


Sean has over 30 years of experience in the large-scale retail food distribution industry. Previously, Sean served as the Chief Operating Officer of United Natural Foods, Inc. (U.N.F.I.). In his role as COO, Sean was responsible for U.N.F.I.’s sales, services, operations, merchandising and retail functions. Prior to his role at U.N.F.I., Sean served as the Chief Executive Officer of SuperValu, until it was purchased by U.N.F.I. Sean began his career with Sysco Corp. in 1986 and has held various leadership positions in the food service distribution industry with Performance Food Group Co., U.S. Foodservice, Alliant Foodservice, and Sysco. Currently, Sean is a board member of Phillips Pet Food and Supply.


Specialty Distribution