Operating Partners

Richard Zane, MD

Board of Directors, The Women’s Health Group


Dr. Richard Zane formerly served on the Board of Directors of Elevate Women’s Health. Dr. Zane is the CEO of Atlanta Women’s Health Group, the parent organization of 25 OB/GYN practices employing over 100 physicians. Dr. Zane is also currently the Vice President of the U.S.W.H.A., a national group of over 800 OB/GYNs. He has been in private practice since 1983, first as a solo practitioner and since 1984 as a partner at Roswell OB/GYN. Dr. Zane specializes in minimally invasive procedures such as hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, and hysterectomy. He is board certified by the American College of OB/GYN and is a Fellow of the American College of OB/GYN. Dr. Zane graduated magna cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis and completed medical school at St. Louis University. He completed his residency training at Emory University.


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