Ian Bannon

Financial Representative


Ian graduated from Purdue University in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an emphasis on international business. Formerly a commodities futures broker, Ian quickly found a passion for helping others understand and maneuver the complexities of global markets. Since his experience as a broker, he has continued to study financial markets and successfully traded equities, futures, and options on my own accord. Ian believes tracking and digesting macroeconomic data – primarily growth and inflation – is the key to determining where asset prices are headed.

Ian switched roles within financial services so he could reach a wider breadth of people, and chose the Hoopis Group because of the honest, credible, and professional atmosphere. With their elaborate resources and thorough educational tools, Ian has been able to grow his network so he can provide multi-faceted investment and insurance needs to people beyond just financial professionals.


B.A.: Economics and an emphasis on international business from Purdue University