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Main Street Billionaire: Forbes Interview of Shore Capital Partners and Justin Ishbia

April 18, 2024

Video: Justin’s Ishbia’s thoughts on private equity, winning, family, hard work, and success in small and medium-sized businesses.

April 9, 2024 | Forbes Daily Cover Story featured Shore Capital and Justin Ishbia in an article called: Main Street Billionaire. Written by Matthew Durot and Amy Feldman, the article highlights how “he has built one of America’s most successful private equity firms by buying more than a thousand small businesses and never losing a dime.”

The article is a look behind the curtain of founding Shore with Ryan Kelley, John Hennegan, and Mike Cooper, the experience of a highly successful founder like Jay Price of Southern Veterinary Partners, the “special forces” systematic approach identified by Boris Groysberg of Harvard Business School, and the importance of reputation, good people, and hard work leading to success and winning. Full article on Forbes website.