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Our investment approach



Acquiring single tenant, net lease properties of Shore affiliated companies and industries.



Shore's vast portfolio of Shore operating companies provides us with unique insights into each real estate opportunity.



Real estate succession option, cash liquidity, and tax-deferred equity ownership at the Shore portfolio level.



With market intelligence and lease advisory services, we fund facility growth and invest “covenant-lite” capital into tenant-leased real estate, unlocking cash flow for other operating company growth initiatives.

Where we focus

Shore Capital Real Estate Partners is exclusively dedicated to providing our investors and partner entrepreneurs with recession resilient, income-producing real estate investment exposure.

  • By electing to receive sale proceeds in the form of equity in Shore’s real estate portfolio, sellers will retain ownership in an ever-growing, diversified, and income producing real estate portfolio without landlord responsibilities.
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Shore’s property portfolio will provide sellers with geographic, operational, and tenancy diversification beyond ownership in one standalone property.

Steve Malley

Partner, Shore Capital